Our Ethos

We as a church in a modern world recognize the need to be relevant, yet uncompromising in belief and behaviour. The message never changes but the methods do. We need to be practical and relevant, touching and inspiring people with the Gospel in effective ways, ensuring we build bridges not barriers, so that we may drive the vehicle of truth across. Our actions and attitudes should never contradict our faith. We ought to show love, compassion and empathy to people, inside and outside the church. Love should always prevail. ‘We love the sinner, but hate the sin’. We at Cape Grace encourage individual growth as Christians – understanding and applying the Word of God, spending time with the Lord, and displaying the fruit of the Spirit. The mind is the battlefield, and Christians ought to be equipped to think and decide rightly. We realize by virtue of our humanity that we are not perfect, neither do we have the perfect church. However, we strive, by His grace alone, to reflect Christ in our lives.